melinda miller-rider colorist at andy lecompte salon


Melinda Miller-Rider is one of Andy Lecompte Salon’s hottest talents, quickly making a name for herself as the queen of effortlessly cool hair color. She has an expert eye for determining which color will best ‘light up’ each client’s skin tone and eye color, with her signature soft lines and unparalleled dimension. Her calm focus and hard work – combined with her natural ability and innate understanding of color and movement – allow her to create with unlimited possibilities. 

Melinda firmly believes that hair color should be a collaboration between artist and client, and therefore an authentic extension, and expression, of an individual’s style. Her interest in people and the different ways they express themselves is always at the forefront of her creative process. 

Keeping in mind that hair color should make an individual look and feel more beautiful, she strives to inspire confidence in every client that sits in her chair. From color corrections to subtly mimicking the effects of the sun, her gifts are in her individually customized tones, and deliberate placement of contrast.

Base Color: $200 and up
Highlights: $500 and up
$500 and up

Fashion color:  price upon consultation