Bre is a Southern California native spending her summers by the beach. She was always fascinated at how the sun does beautiful things to the hair. Especially kids hair! Kids hair is what we strive for! Specializing in Blondes and Sun kissed brunette highlights, Bre started out assisting the top blonde expert in LA for many years and got very well versed in the world of color. She has since worked on many celebrities including Frank Ocean, Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, and Michelle Williams. Her technique is to work with people’s skin tones. Whether you have warm tones or cool tones in your skin and eye color says a lot about what tones will enhance your skin tone. It’s important to not have to change your makeup for your new hair color. Actually, it should be the opposite. You should feel more enhanced and prettier before you even put anything on. 10+ years of experience  and a huge passion for all things Hair color, Bre is constantly on point with the current trends and is always incorporating them in to her consistent go to looks. If you are looking for beautiful sun kissed color formulated specifically for you, Bre is your girl.

Base: $175 and up
Highlights: $425 and up